Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Smashy my official photographer sent me this he was putting a new floor in his recording studio. His comment was "You can't have too many wires." He's still telling everyone that he taught me everything I know about guitar. I never correct him. This weekend the boys in my band are playing The Glass Onion. I wont be there. If someone wants to pay me £90 for fucking around with my guitar for the evening who am I to argue. Smashy is kindly lending me his marshall amp. I've got one day to learn how to use it and get the best sound. Do I use my 12 string or my 6 string, or both? Decisions decisions. Depends on how fit my roadie is on the day I guess. Looks like we might be doing yet another charity gig on bank holiday Monday. This time in aid of the Sue Ryder foundation for the terminally ill. Just got booked to play the Fox at folkesworth Bank Holiday Sunday. So that will be two gigs on the same day. The money pours in. Looks like I'll have to buy a new guitar to soak up the excess cash. It's a hard life. I negotiated a deal with a pub. Tony said ask for £150 but accept £120. I thought "we're damn good, we fill this particular pub, they must make a fortune in beer sales." So I said "£175" They said "perfect." Result!!!! So that's about £50 each plus the rest for the tax man. I'm glad we're just a trio. I've seen bands of seven or eight who don't get any more than we do. It's hardly worth the effort for that amount. But then as I've said we've done our fair share of charity gigs for nothing and we'll keep on doing them. We're just suckers for a good cause. Or is it that we just love playing and being paid is a bonus? Tony is a self confessed mercenary. But really he is the more likely to suggest to us that we should do a charity gig. I just go with the flow. I have two problems tonight. The roofman didn't fix the roof properly and it still leaks. And I have no food in the house. I can't be arsed to get any so I guess I'm gonna starve. I haven't eaten since yesterday. Spookily enough I'm not even hungry. I might grab a hand full of Crunchy nut cornflakes when I visit my children tomorrow. That'll keep me going. Right now I'm feeling faint so I'd better go to bed. Rock on dudes.  Posted by Hello


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