Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Buying Shoes

So I go out to buy a new pair of trainers and I come back with a new car instead. It's a Renault Meganne Scenic 1.6. It was a lot easier to choose a new car than choose a pair of trainers, but the price difference............

My new car is great but it has a few niggles, like corners that I usually take doing 60mph in my Nissan Primera 2.0 have become really scary. Road holding is not a top priority with this car. Then there's my usual thing of coming off a roundabout straight intothe outside lane of the dual carriageway and booting it. The two litre Nissan just leaps away leaving all other traffic excepting police cars way behind in my rear view. So I d the same with the Scenic. Off the roundabout into outside lane and boot it. Nothing happens. Pedal to the metal. Still nothing. Cars piling up behind me impatiently. This is getting embarrassing. My car says "Wanna go faster? I'll take that into consideration and get back to you."
"Sometime this century would be nice." I scream.
"Relax." says my car, "Take your time, I'll get you there."
So tail between my legs I slope off into the crawler lane while my car winds itself up to go faster. And yes it does go faster. It'll cruise quite happily at 90mph all day. But then again it takes all day to get there. I exaggerate of course.
My new car even has a fridge. Yes really it's got a fridge. It's a tiny poxy little thing that holds three cans of coke and works off the air con. I've never had a car before that has a fridge. It's got two sun roofs. Yowser!
It's got secret little cubby holes to hide stuff. There's three under the rear seats. I had a look and found a forgotten hoard of road maps and A-Z books, tow ropes (ominous) jump leads (double onimous) and a first aid kit (Yikes).

Last night Del and I were recording again. We've been recording a couple of songs based on Lyrics supplied by our good friend Doctor Robert judging by the pile of empty beer cans we worked really hard last night. Del was getting down and funky with loads of Jazzy chords and licks. We're using Cakewalk for those who are interested. Recording straight onto my PC through my Berhinger mixing desk. Falling down water supplied by Kronenberg and Jack Daniels. Instruments supplied by Ovation Yamaha and Fender.
I've suggested to Andre that he supplies some lyrics for us to play with so he can tell Coffee Shop Girl he has written her a song. We could go into business putting peoples lyrics to music. Very reasonable rates all professionally done. Del had a fit of the giggles while recording Robs lyrics. On play back he said "That's got to stay in." God we're so professional. Which reminds me "by the way Rob what's the song called?"

iPod now playing - Grace by Jeff Buckley


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