Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My old Guitar

Last was my music club. A good turn out. But get this my fingers are really sore. I've been playing my old guitar. This is a guitar I bought about two years ago, a "Crafter",had it set up and it was brilliant it was the best guitar I'd ever had. (until I got my Ovation) I played it all the time. Then I got my Ovation and I never picked up the old Crafter ever again. I always took it to the music club for other people to use but I stuck with my Ovation. So tonight a load of people turned up and were queueing up to have a go at my Ovation so I was playing my old Crafter. It was painful. My fingers are so sore. I can't believe that a guitar I loved so much can hate me like that. It's even hard to type. I don't love my old guitar anymore. I hate it. Yes I know you're going to say"Hate" is a strong word. But my old guitar has betrayed me. It's hurt me. It was painful to play. It didn't respond to what I wanted to do like my Ovation. It's like a lost love coming back to dig the knife indeeper and wiggle it around. It's got to go. I'll never play it again.

iPod now playing - Louie Louie by the Kingsmen


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