Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sympathy? I don't think so.

I'm not getting a lot of sympathy for my sore pinkies. Last night we were recording again. I was playing sound engineer. I've since lost part of my finger nail and it hurts. Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm a wimp and proud of it. I was the original model for the Mr Universe adverts I was that man who had sand kicked in his face. Wrestle poodles and win. Kick that sand right back in his face and get pulverised.
Anyway Delbert and Charlie came over. We were recording one of Charlies songs or more to the point trying to record a song. The problem was the jack plug fell out of the back of my Ovation. Luckily there's a round inspection hole at the back to get at it easily. The same thing happened to the hated one, but to repair that I've got to take the strings off. I can't be bothered right now.
The other problem was Charlie was absolutely stoned. The song 4 minutes 30 seconds. He'd manage to sing for 2 minutes before he fell apart.
Meanwhile my Zen master Delbert was explaining to me how I should embrace the pain in my fingers, rejoice in it. I should play the hated one more and then on stage the Ovation will be so easy.
So Charlie was building a tower out of empty beer cans on my coffee table in between takes, while Del sat at the keyboard waiting patiently for him to get his shit together and I'm at the controls saying "You ready Charlie?"
"For what?"
"To sing."
"Yeah man it's like.... er .... yeah... er.... man this is like shit man what was I saying?"
"Are you ready?"
"Yeah man. Just push that button I'm there. I'm in the zone. I'm ready."
"OK you're on in three two one................"
"Have you started recording yet Mike?"
"Earth to Charlie."
"Yeah man I'm there I'm in the zone, keep going I'll blague it, what song were we doing? Oh yeah............."

I phoned Charlie this morning to make sure he was up for work.
"Shit Man I'm wrecked." he said. "But I'm there I'm in town already, I'm not late this week. Next time we record, no weed. We've got to be professional."
"Yes Charlie."
Rock on dudes!

iPod now playing - The poacher by Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance


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