Friday, September 23, 2005

Withins Last Gig Ever

I've been a busy boy tonight. I was asked to film a gig. The band was Within. So I took along my professional outside broadcast standard Video camera and set up it was difficult conditions with drunks falling over and people standing in the way of the camera. Because it was their last ever gig they had a few guests. This is Julian Stone.

Julian plays solo mostly. Some of you may recall last year I was running a new talents night every fortnight at a local pub. he played with a band called The Kidnaps then. They've changed their name to Point Seven Pistol. God knows why. Anyway Julian played some good stuff and then in walked these black dudes. Woh! Cool or what. They seemed out of place somehow until Richard announced they were the next act.

The boys from the hood. Apparently they have a single out right now that's getting airplay on Radio One. They've got the moves. They've got the ganster rap. They've got style. So how come no one gave a shit? Talk amongst yourselves why don't you? OK we're talking Genevas bar here. It's an Irish pub. Hardly a hot bed of rap music so I think they were on a sticky wicket right from the start. But full marks for style if not content.

Richard and Abbi and Within were on next. They did three sets in all going on until after 01:00am. I was filming all the time. Hard bleedin luck if you need a comfort break.

So this is Abbi's last gig with "Within". She's already recorded eight tracks of her new album to be released soon "Angel of rebellion". She's got a two week break then the beginning of October she starts her UK tour with her new band supplied by the record company. She is going out as "Abbi Yellow". She's not overly keen on the name, it refers to the fact that she has yellow eyes. But all the songs are her own original material. I've been trying to think of who she is most like to give you an idea and all I can come up with is Toyah Wilcox.
I took Jamie to see her. She gave him a hug and a kiss. He went red. Later she asked if he could do a cartoon animated version of her, for publicity purposes. Chrikey he's just started his A-levels and already he's been asked to do what he's good at. That's computer animations, so in a sense he'll be working for Polydor and EMI. The parent companies of her record label.
Jesus Mary and Joseph but I've got some clever children.
Gemma has already directed and produced a video for MTV. And now Jamie is getting in on the act. And there's me just a pub musician. Hey ho!

Rock on dudes.


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