Monday, April 24, 2006

Rock and flowers

Another day out in the country and this time I found this (and many others) Pasque Flower. It's very rare. I'm thinking of doing a sister site to this called "Mike Da Hats Botanical Year". It will be a Month by month account of the wild flowers I find on my travels. There'll be no sex or violence, no underhand dealings. Just a botanical record throughout the year of things as they happen. I know it's not rock and roll, but I have enough of that. This is what keeps me grounded. I was a judge today for Heat 6 of Band Of The Year. You can see what happened here I must confess while I was judging and taking the photos I had to have ear plugs in. Is that cheating? I mean, I'm so close to the speakers and some of these bands turn the volume up to eleven. Why do they think that maximum volume equates to maximum pleasure? Death Metal makes me laugh as well as makes my ears hurt. They announce the title of a song, "This ones called "Bury my sister".' You can not discern one single word they "sing". So what's the point? They may as well just say "This is another wall of noise we're going to throw at you." whilst getting their heads down and thrashing away at their Gibson or Fender copies. So while I have to cope with all this wall of noise it's nice to just get out and look at flowers.
My good friend Mark mentioned recently that my photographic output was awesome. Well for his information I just passed the 7100 photos since last November. But while I take so many, his "few" are considered and quite something.

I was thinking today what my cameras life would have been like if it had been bought by someone else. Is this Anthropormorphism? Would the person who bought my camera (if I didn't) give it such a hard time? Would they have made it work so hard? Or would they just take the odd snap of the kids playing in the sand? Would it have been bought by someone who would have wasted it's potential? Or someone who would have done much better than me?

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