Monday, January 24, 2005

Lucky man

You may recall my psychic friend told me that Jupiter or was it Saturn (whatever) was in Scorpio right now and this year will be a very lucky year for me. Of course I pooh poohed that, and thatvery evening I won the raffle at my pub. Well friends one Saturday I won the lottery. Twice!
Two lines £10 each line. Don't all rush with your begging letters. The money has gone already. Jeez I'm such a spendthift. I took my boy to dinner, gave all the money to a pub. Easy come easy go.

So in view of this I am offering shares in Mike Da Hat Ltd. I'm going global. I am making myself a limited company with a view to my future luck. Should anyone care to jump on my lucky bandwagon, you can contact me privately and send me your cash which will be invested wisely, or unwisely, who gives a shit? I can't do any wrong. Dividends will be paid when Jupiter or was it Saturn? leaves the building.

Meanwhile I have to tell you of the filth that's next door in the flower shop. There is and has been a naked lady in the window for the last week. She's one of those clothes models. Petal has seen fit to display her in all her nakedness. Not a stitch on her, her modesty covered only by a few strategically placed flowers. I am at a loss as to how this helps sales of flowers and what relevance it has to the flower trade, but I'm open to suggestion. Perhaps Petal will enlighten us., Meanwhile the little school boys can have a giggle through the window.

iPod now playing - Lucky man by The Verve


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