Friday, April 15, 2005


Let me tell you about Petal. The flower shop girl who comments regularly. I bet you have a picture of some Kate Blanchett type who spends the day arranging flowers looking serene and lovely. Well she's nothing like that, apart from the lovely bit. She's a biker chick who's into heavy rock. She has a husband who could easily have been an extra in "Easy Rider". He drives a trike. Petal has a Trike as well. She can sing along with the best of them to Black Sabbath.
I can tell you all this safe and secure in the knowledge she won't be reading it as she's gone to a Bike Rally down south somewhere. Just before she went I said "I hope you have a good time. Tell me about it when you get back."
Her reply typically was "If I have a good time I wont remember a thing about it." and she left clutching a very large bottle of Smirnoff Red label.
Rock on Flower girl Dude.

iPod now playing - Hole in the sky by Black Sabbath


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