Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So I've run out of food in the house and go next door to the pizza shop. Hmmm that's convenient. I order a super dooper chefs special with extra everything at the regular price because they don't want to piss me off.
"Ten minutes Mikel" they say.
I gave them 20. Half expecting them to walk round to my back door with the feast. It didn't arrive so I went next door expecting to see my fabulous pizza in the hot cupboard wiating patiently. It wasn't there. The pizza chef was sitting in the corner reading a book. Smoke was pouring from the oven at the back of the shop.
"is that my pizza." I ask casually.
"Oh fuck fuck shit fuck!" says pizza boy. He leaps up and opens the oven the shop fills with smoke and he slips in the pizza shovel and pulls out this smouldering black mass like something from the Quatermass experiments.
"Fuck fuck fuck!" he continues and he aint Hugh Grant either.
"Ten minutes?" I ask.
He's flustered now and apologising profusely. "Yes I bring in ten minutes."
His mate is offering me trays of spicy potato wedges so I don't starve in the extra ten minutes I have to wait. I decline.

pizza california

Pizza boy has just delivered my pizza. It's perfect.
Time to chow down and Watch Bob Dylan part two on the video.

Rock on dudes


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