Thursday, October 06, 2005

Clinging on

Last night during "Deep Blue Sea" I was packing away all my stuff. Well books and music in particular. I never realised I had so many books. I filled a box then another then another. Del is going to be pissed because I've used up all the boxes that he wanted for building robots for his kids.
Anyway I hardly ever look at these books, I've read them all of course and they're mostly all great books. But seeing them go is like taking another layer of personality from my flat.
It's like peeling an onion, layer after layer is disappearing into boxes to be hidden in outhouses and cupboards. Until all is left is a sterile shell of a room.
I was telling you that nothing phases me I'm always happy and the bastards aren't going to get me down. "I will prevail". I seem to recall saying. But I wasn't really prepared to see my life disappear just like that. It was a huge joke at first. But now it's reality. Very soon it will be like living behind the desk in someones office in a sleeping bag. Everything personal to me will be gone and so my transformation into a non person will be complete. I will cease to exist as a living breathing personality. The last thing to go will be my lovely bed. I'm clinging on to that for as long as possible. I've had a few adventures in that bed. I've been told many times how comfortable it is and I have to agree. So if anyone wants to try out my bed, you've got about a week before it has to go into storage and then I don't suppose you'll be keen on the hard floor behind the desk.
So I'm a little down right now. But nothing a good shag couldn't cure. I will still prevail. I will still win. I am Mike Da Hat.

Here's a blog you might be interested in visiting. It's been written by a 26 year old girl called Jessica who is travelling across the united states in a rusty old Honda. Here writing is very entertaining and she has an ability to write in the accent of the speaker so you can almost hear the voices yourself. Check her out. She deserves a wider audience.

Thank you and ... er... ... Rock on Dudes.


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