Monday, October 03, 2005

Lord Punish Me....

I've been really busy. My life is a non stop whirl of stuff to do, people to meet and places to go. In between, I find time to walk in the country. It clears the head. On my travels over the weekend I found this. It's a Spindle Tree. I love the vibrancy of the colours. It's a most unusual tree. Although once I'd spotted this one I found loads.

The spindle tree

So I was asked to photograph a Charity Music festival, it was a long old day 13:00 - 23:45pm but the standard of bands playing on the day was very high. These pictures have been taken by my old Fujifilm Finepix S5500.
I spent the day using a cannon EOS300D for the actual shoot. Below is one of the more interesting characters the lead singer from March To The Grave (The Stamford Cowboys- but it aint country and western).

March To The Grave

Abbi was there. She's asked me to take the publicity photos for her up coming album. She's being sponsored by the fashion house "Rags to Riches" who have given her loads of clothes and I've got to take photos of her in various frocks / clothes etc. Punish me Lord Punish me....That is unless her record company has already got a photographer on the case. She doesn't think they have yet.

Her record company will pay me of course. But for Abbi I'd do it for free. And of course it's another gratuitous excuse to post yet another picture of her. This tactic wont win me any points with Del who still thinks she's far too thin.
So I was talking to Del last night in between taking photos and he nudges me "That womens giving me the eye." he says
"Really? Which one?" I ask, scoping the crowd.
"That one." and he points to an enormous woman who was so big if she stood up she'd take the chair, she was wedged into, with her.
She sees me looking in her direction and flashes me the most enormous smile. Eeek! Actually it's a very nice friendly smile, genuine, not forced. But she keeps smiling at me. She doesn't stop smiling. Everytime I look she's staring at me smiling inanely. I start getting self conscious, because everytime I turn, she's there. I fiddle with the Cannon. Pretend to be busy. Ignore her. She's not my type, she's Dels type. I ask Del to swap places with me so I don't have to catch her eye. He refuses saying he's quite happy where he is. The smiling continues until I am convinced this woman has escaped and her carers are scouring the city looking for her. It's not normal behaiviour. I run off looking for Abbi. I find her, a ciggy in one hand and a bottle of Vodka alcopop in the other. Life is back to normal and I get on with my work.

Rock on Dudes


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