Saturday, October 08, 2005

March to the Grave

What is it about some people? You know the ones. They're usually older. They have this white stuff at the corner of their mouths. Mick the Electrician came into the shop. He had this stuff at the corner of his mouth. He was banging on about some Storage heater he was trying to fix. All I could think about was this white stuff at the corner of his mouth. I wanted him to lick his lips, wipe his mouth, take a long swipe along the length of his arm sleeve, get out a tissue. Anything!!! I can't write anymore on the subject. So..........

This is Andy from March to the Grave. They are celebrating 25 years in the music bizz. They claim to be a punk band. But they're much better than that. Usually when you see an unknown band and they play all original material it's hard work. But with these
guys you don't notice because they rock. Every song is a foot tapper. BTW this photo was taken with a Cannon EOS300D.

Rock on Dudes


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