Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dogging at Southey Woods

It seems I've got to No:6 on a Google search for Southey Woods. Del has being doing some research. (Check previous post comments). Southey Woods is a prime dogging site. Apparently. Well actually it really is. And you all know what dogging is. It's Phil Mitchels (Eastenders) favourite Pastime. Except he was exotic he would go across to the continent with his girlfriend to have sex in car parks with an audience gathered round his car. That was until his girl friend got pissed off with it, left him and told everything to the News Of The World, in glorious detail. Is he still in Eastenders now?
So it seems doggers are logging on to my website expecting photos of rampant sex in a car park and finding photos of wild flowers instead. Bad luck dudes.
So to all you doggers out there. I'm the guy in the hat with the digital camera round my neck. I'm taking pictures of wild flowers. OK?
So less of the dirty looks. You can put away your baseballs bats. I'm not interested in what you're doing. Unless of course a magazine pays me mega bucks to expose your sorry arses. And I mean that quite literally. Then you can assume that it's my diving holiday in Truc lagoon against your dignity. Guess which is going to come out tops? No contest. All I need now is to find some celebrity in a car park somewhere in a compromising position and my pension is sorted.
But until then ignore me. I don't give flying fuck what you do in your spare time. As long as you don't frighten the children or scare the horses.

Rock on Dudes.


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