Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Who do you talk to?

There's a sign out side a pub I went to on Sunday it read:
Urgently Required
Apply Within
The Quinn brothers came to my music club last night. Curiously they are both left handed and more curiously they both play right handed guitars upside down. I got a bizarre text from Charlie apologising for not turning up at the club:
Sorry guys I can't
Make it tonight
I've just had my
haircut. See you soon
What's all that about? What sort of maniac hairdresser is out there that causes someone not to be able to make the music club because of a simple haircut. Who's my MP on this? Who can we call. Has there been a government white paper on the subject? Has Sweeny Todd come back from the grave? I had a haircut Monday it nearly killed me. Well not exactly the haircut but the four mile walk in the bitter cold and driving snow. The heating had failed at the hairdressers and Jerry had to keep putting on the hairdryers in a futile attempt to warm the place.
Whilst waiting I flicked through "Homme" magazine one thousand pages of adverts. No articles to read just adverts. What's all that about? Who buys this rubbish apart from Hairdressers and Dentists?
iPod now playing - Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin


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