Monday, April 18, 2005

New Single

Del and I have finally finished recording our new single. Based on lyrics supplied by my good friend Doctor Robert . It's pretty good. We've got drums and keyboard, Guitar and backing guitar, vocals and backing vocals. All we need to do is mix it down. Certain musical friends of ours suggested a gospel choir to sing the chorus. Where the hell am I going to find a gospel choir round here? Another friend mentioned a dodgy group of gospellers from the local baptist chapel but we're not sure. They're all from Lithuania on an Arts grant. Supposedly here on a fact finding mission and exchange of musical talent. But they are all working in the fields picking vegetables for gangmasters.
Anyway without the gospel singers led by the Reverend Hugh Janslipzin the song is pretty good. It's gonna be Heee-oww-ge.With the new system of popular music ratings we'll have a monster on our hands. Internet sales will go through the roof and massive air play on the radio. Then we're going to have to go on world tour. Madison Square Gardens, Che Stadium, Rome, Hamburg, Paris, Tokyo and of course the Fox and Hounds. But being as there's only me and Del we'll need a band. Ginger Baker Ex Cream isn't working right now so we could round him up to be the drummer. Bill Wyman should be free for Bass unless he's busy with his Rythm Kings.

Del has his bright red bandana all washed and ready to go on stage with along with his Hawaian shirt. My hat has just been in the washing machine on a gentle wash and the boots have been polished so we're ready rock.
The man who should not be named will come along as technical assistant and road crew. He may not be very tall but he's very useful. Although one of his conditions for going on the world tour is a private lear jet to get him back here every Saturday to watch his Beloved Ipswich play.

The fingers are heeling up nicely, and we're confident. We're thinking of getting Toots and the Maytals to support. Nice bit of reggae.

So watch out in the press for Delandahats world tour coming to a city near you soon. All we've got to do now is sell a few records.

Rock on dudes

iPod now playing - Drive in Saturday by David Bowie


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